2019+ ZX10R/RR Motec M150 Tuned MAP
2019+ ZX10R/RR Motec M150 Tuned MAP
2019+ ZX10R/RR Motec M150 Tuned MAP

2019+ ZX10R/RR Motec M150 Tuned MAP

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If you have a 2019 or newer ZX10R/RR engine and want to have a tested and proven Motec M1 series map this is what you need.  Why spend the development dollars with Motec tuners and engine dyno's.  We have done the work for you.

This MAP is a drop in and go solution using the components as shown below.  Any change would require an update on dyno to adjust the VE or more.  Also included is the ZX10R injectors calibrations as well as the DBW configurations.

Customer who purchases this MAP is licensed for his use only and is not allowed to be shared with others!

Engine dyno showed 223HP @ 14,000 RPM

Some features included are as follows:

  1. Supports Motec M1 series M150 ECU
  2. Supports Geartronics package which is similar to GPRP but with paddle shifting that works for bike engines
  3. Closed loop Lambda in configuration
  4. Dual knock sensor support in configuration
  5. M150 ECU controls paddle inputs and drives gear shifter pneumatic actuator
  6. Engine uses OEM throttle bodies & injectors
  7. DBW configuration
  8. Tune uses voodoo 4 into 1 headers and Sunoco 100 Unleaded race fuel
  9. M150 ECU has many channels and built in logging, in this tuned map we use (2) air temperature sensors, (1) MAP sensor, (1) Barometer sensor, (1) Fuel Pressure sensor, (1) Coolant Temperature sensor, (1) Fuel Temperature sensor, (1) Oil Pressure sensor, (1) Oil Temperature sensor, (2) Knock Sensors, (1) Dual CAN NTK lambda sensor


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