Used - AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub

Used - AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub

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USED - these used AiM sports CAN  data hubs allow you to expand your system.

AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub for MXL, MXG/MXS, EVO - 0.4m Cable

Extend the capabilities of your AiM data logger without occupying any more channels or running more cables to your dash. Connect up to four CAN peripherals to each Data Hub. You can even "stack" Data Hubs, connecting up to four more hubs to each hub, multiplying the number of available connections! Accepts any AiM CAN accessory, including GPS, LCU-One Lambda Controller, Memory Key, or TC (Thermocouple) Hubs. Any channel can be selected for display on the dash. 40cm (15") cable

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