Red Line Race Oil Quart
Red Line Race Oil Quart

Red Line Race Oil Quart

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Race Oil
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Versatile product used in stock car racing, road racing and sprint cars
Used by many of the top Dirt Late Model teams
Used by top teams in NASCAR, Spec engines for Camping World East and West Series

Viscosity equivalents:

  • SAE 20 (5W20): Drag racing and single-lap qualifying, where the lowest internal friction is desired.
  • SAE 30 (10W30): Sustained high-speed use in well-balanced racing engines where low internal friction is desired.
  • SAE 40 (15W40): High-temperature use or when widely varying engine RPM may be encountered. Recommended for road racing, especially in classes where engine blueprinting is not allowed.
  • SAE 50 (15W50): Extremely high temperatures, wide bearing clearances, or when engine durability is the primary concern.

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