ZX10R Kawasaki OEM ECU F8TG1982 (GEN5)

ZX10R Kawasaki OEM ECU F8TG1982 (GEN5)

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This is a factory stock ECU from a GEN5 ZX10R Kawasaki engine but does have the Schnitz tune applied to it. 

Disable PAIR Valve

Disable Intake Flap

  • Increased Rev Limiter to 14,200 RPM (+500rpm from stock)
  • Top Speed Restriction Removed
  • Throttle Blades Open More Aggressively And Stay Open at Full Throttle
  • Radiator Fan Set to come on at 90*C (194*F)
  • Stock O2 Sensor Disabled
  • Exhaust Valve Servo Motor (EVSM) Disabled

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